We help anyone, anywhere start their own classes with models in our books and try to break languages barriers by also trying to help with languages. For those interested in running their own groups as teacher, please go to our prices page and start by subscribing to our Life Drawing Monthly plan, then when all ready and things start buzzing then go to our Pro plan. For language please donate here                 and we'll help you develop your language skills.
Here are the Local groups you can ask to join if we haven't added you automatically, you can also ask to be left out.
For each City and Area for large cities we have different style groups and each one carries a letter:
A: Local Artists and enthusiasts so that we can help Local Art class organizers
B: Local commercial Artists for local groups to go and visit once organized.
C: Local Art teachers that we can help once we know them. They can show us anything recorded or Live.
D: Local Art classes Organizers who always need every little help they can find, and so we'll try.
E: Local Experienced Life models who have been paid at least 3 times and could prove it.
F: Local New but good Life models who have auditioned at our Wednesday all day slots or have been recommended.
G: Local Portrait models who will accept a lower rate than life models
H: Costumed models with Fashion label clothes, Vintage, Uniforms, period costumes, Burlesque without performance.
I: Burlesque Models with performance and Comedian Life models.
J: Toned and Muscular Life models
K: Large Life models
L: Couples and Partners Life models
M: 1 hour + poses life models
N: Unusual Life models who can be very something, disabled, Tattooed, simply different from the norm.
O: Local last minute call for jobs Life models.
P: Local possible Free venues with an option to have us scouting for one with local Help at a cost.
Q: Local affordable large venues with the option of us scouting for one with local Help at a cost.
R: Local regular in Person Life Drawing or Costumed Classes
S: Local Artists who'd demonstrate their Art at a cost for groups.
T: Local Art class organizers with corporate experience at the Office.
U: Local Art Class organizers with a good sense of Humor for creative Hen & Stag dos
More to come...

Now here are the Countries and cities and their existing groups that are added regularly and all started in May 2021. You can only ask to join if you ask and can only access to any of those lists if we know you and if you pay for the service.
 - United Kingdom: - London A, B, C, D - Leeds....
- United States:
- Canada:....